Smokey Bear Coloring Pages

Thank you for celebrating Smokey Bear's 76th Birthday with us! As a way to say thank you, we've compiled our favorite vintage Smokey Bear coloring pages for you to download and pass along to the younger adventurer's we all know. 

Encourage the kids to add their own imaginations to Smokey Bear’s iconic imagery by having fun with these coloring pages. Not only that, but we can help educate the next generation about fire safety and the great outdoors, while having fun!

for desktop/laptop: drag from this blog to your desktop and print!

for mobile: press on the image and hold, then select "save image"


  • lacey

    give me all of the pages

  • Lynn

    I’m 71 and grew up with Smokey the Bear teaching me the proper etiquette when visiting our forests and backcountry areas. My family ventured out of the city every summer in our old station wagon to camp in national and state parks. Just bought a couple of commemorative Smokey ball caps for myself and an old friend who will appreciate it as much as I do. Thank you Smokey for all the years of service and thank you Landmark Project for yours!

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