T-shirt Mystery Bag

T-shirt Mystery Bag

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Each mystery bag is unique and contains 3 graphic tees and 1 bandana hand-picked and packed by our team. Designs can range from original classics, rare samples and seasonal overstocks, featuring national landmarks, Smokey Bear, and Landmark branded tees. Everything is printed on our super-soft unisex tees. Some bags may even contain a long sleeve tee!

What if I don't like what I get?
  • Each bag is unique, and we believe you'll love what you get! The only guarantee we provide is that 3 graphic tees will be included in your selected size. Part of the fun is the surprise, so lean into it!
If I order more than one mystery bag, is there a possibility of receiving duplicate items?
  • Yes. Because the bags are packed in advance, we are unable to guarantee that the bag you receive will be completely unique with no chances of duplicate items. However, there should not be any duplicate items within an individual bag.
Can I request specific products to be included in my bag?
  • Sorry, but that ruins the fun. We are unable to accept special requests for designs, colors, or mixed sizes.
Mystery Bag sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges on these items.
Discount codes do not apply to Mystery Bag purchases.
Quick Specs:
  • Unisex Sizing / Standard Tee Fit
  • 50/50 Poly/Cotton

      How to Care for Your Tee

      We get it, you want to wear your Landmark Tee every chance you get.  Although your t-shirt will inevitably show some wear and tear as the years go by (and we urge you to cherish these signs of continual devotion), there are some ways to extend the life of your t-shirt. So if you’re wondering how to care for a screen-printed t-shirt properly, here's some tried-and-true tips and tricks.

      1. Stick with cold water. 
      Hot water is very harsh and typically unnecessary. By using cold water, you’ll be treating your tees to a gentler bath and preventing unnecessary strain. Plus, you’ll use less electricity, reducing your impact on the environment and lowering your utility bill!

      2. Avoid harsh cleaning products. 

      Put away the bleach and avoid harsh detergents. Like hot water, they aren’t needed and they may slowly destroy the condition of your t-shirts. Instead, find a gentle detergent and use a basic (no bleach) stain remover when necessary.

      3. Turn your tees inside out. 

      It only takes a moment to turn your screen-printed tees inside out before placing them in the washing machine (or under a hot iron), but this simple step will reduce fading and stress. If the quality of the screen-printed design is important to you, reduce its contact with the washing machine to ensure that the ink won’t be strained. Speaking of which . . .

      4. Don’t wash after every use. 

      Some of you are probably recoiling in disgust right now, but remember that every time you wash and dry your clothes, you’re speeding up the aging process. If your t-shirt is truly dirty (i.e., there is visible dirt, a stain, or a smell), wash it. If not, fold it back up and return it to your closet.

      5. Dry on low heat.

      Heat is your t-shirt’s worst enemy. In addition to avoiding hot water, keep your tee away from high-heat dryer settings. Instead, tumble dry low to prevent damage as well as shrinkage.

      How to Care for Your Enamel Mug

      Outdoorsmen and women love enamelware for its durability and ease of cleaning. Thatʼs not to say enamel mugs wonʼt chip or dent (they are made of steel and ceramic after all), but following a few simple steps will ensure that your mug withstands your adventurous lifestyle.

      1. Avoid the Microwave.
      Cook with enamelware all you want, but avoid the microwave. This may seem like a no-brainer, but not everyone knows that beneath the ceramic coating is metal.

      2. Hand Wash.
      Yes, your mug is dishwasher safe. But because it may come into contact with other dishes or hard surfaces, it is best to wash by hand with mild dish soap.

      3. Remove Stains.
      Wine, coffee, or tea may discolor your mug even after washing. A lemon juice / baking soda mixture left to soak in your mug for 10-15 minutes will do the trick!

      4. Dry after Washing.
      After washing, dry your mug off with a dishcloth, as any exposed metal may corrode.

      5. Pack Securely.
      Enamelware is prone to chipping, so pack only near soft items in your bag. When chips happen, apply cooking oil to exposed area. Discontinue use if chips are found on the lip or inside the cup.

      How to Care for Your Landmark Poster

      1. Protect the Edges.
      Even if your poster brushes against another object, the edges are prone to dents, so handle with care!

      2. Avoid Extra Hardware
      Never apply rubber bands, paper clips, or tape to your poster as these all have the potential to damage the paper.

      3. Wash Your Hands.
      Only handle with clean, dry hands in a clean work area. Remove all food and drinks from your surroundings. With these culprits around, anything can happen!

      4. Put It Under Glass
      Frame your poster as soon as possible to prevent bad things (see #3) from happening. Ask Landmarkʼs customer service for framing recommendations.

      5. Hang It Properly
      Store or hang your poster in a cool, dry environment (avoid attics, basements, and proximity to radiators and vents). Avoid exposure to direct or intense sunlight.

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