For more than 75 years, Smokey Bear has served as the cherished icon of wildfire prevention. Smokey Bear’s mission struck close to home for us, which is why we were inspired to create an entire collection for his 75th birthday and dedicate it to his legacy. All of our Smokey Bear products are approved and licensed by the US Forest Service, and 10% of all sales are given to the USFS for Wildfire Prevention Education ﹣ just the way Smokey would want it. So far, the Landmark team has raised over $280,000 to help Smokey fight wildfires. Remember . . .only YOU can prevent wildfires.

A History of Art for Conservation

The iconic Smokey Bear was created in 1944 by the US Forest Service. After years of campaigns devoted to preventing forest fires, the USFS finally landed on an ideal mascot that would become the face of the longest-running public service campaign in the US. For 75+ years, Smokey Bear has worked tirelessly to educate people about environmental stewardship. Similar to the USFS, The Landmark Project is honored to continue the legacy of using compelling artwork as a vehicle for conservation. Great art, like the great outdoors, has a significant influence over people. We seek to bring the two together. We create designs that capture the way you feel when you’re outside. When you wear our products we want you to be inspired to take your next step in protecting the lands you love.

Cory Godbey

We’d like to introduce you to a special artist and good friend of ours, Cory Godbey. Inspired by his unique style and mutual love for the outdoors, the Landmark team approached Cory to be the first collaborative artist for the Smokey Bear Collection. His signature artistic style, a mix of traditional and digital media, is both enchanting and alluring. He spent the better part of a year studying, sketching, and painting until he felt he did everything in his power to create his best work to commemorate the iconic bear. His dramatic, full-color illustrations continued the 75-year tradition of using art to tug at the heart strings of the outdoor enthusiast. Cory feels it is an honor to contribute, even in just this small way, to the legacy of Smokey Bear, and we couldn't agree more. He hopes his designs can inspire generations to come and pay homage to Smokey Bear well beyond the 75th anniversary.