Backcountry Brew Methods with Methodical Coffee

If you love waking up to a warm cup of coffee, then you’ve probably tried your fair share of coffee alternatives while camping in the backcountry. Powdered coffee is better than no coffee, but nothing competes with a freshly brewed cup around the campfire! Luckily, our favorite coffee roaster– Methodical Coffee– is sharing expert tips on elevating your morning coffee ritual out in the wild!

Our friendship with Methodical Coffee goes back more than ten years. We share a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and a delicious cup of unpretentious coffee. So, when it came time to head into the backcountry, we sat down with co-owner David Baker to consult with an expert on the best campsite brew methods.

Pack light with an Aeropress

Morning coffee is more than a cup of coffee. It’s a ritual that signals the start of the day. For many of us, preparing our coffee is almost as enjoyable as sipping the final cup. If you love the coffee-making process and want the richest cup around, grab an Aeropress.

David Baker recommends an Aeropress for several reasons. For one, they’re lightweight and durable. Aeropresses like this one are made of plastic, which makes stowing them away in a snug corner of your backpack easy. An Aeropress is also easy to use and clean. Most of all, David loves Aeropresses because they yield smooth brews that maximize flavor with minimal water. Your final result is similar to espresso. You can drink it strong and black or add water and a spoonful of sweetener for a great Americano.

Before you head out, pre-measure and grind your beans. That way, you can quickly brew just the right proportions. We asked David if batch grinding our beans ahead of our trip would result in a stale cup of coffee and he assured us that the flavor difference would be so minimal we wouldn’t notice.

Savor every sip with a Hario

When we asked David about his favorite brew method at home and outdoors, he immediately described the Hario V60 Ceramic Brewer. Made from a traditional style of Japanese ceramics known as Arita-Yaki, the Hario blends comfort and luxury into one of the easiest brew methods. Granted, the Hario is ceramic, so stuffing it in a backpack where every pound counts could be tricky. But it’s small and versatile so it’s perfect for the campsite when you have a little room and time to spare.

When David described making his morning cup with a Hario, we immediately wanted one for our next camping trip. The Hario is essentially a perfected pour-over that blends the richness of espresso with the simplicity of drip coffee. We imagined chilly mornings around the campfire, bundled up in blankets, pouring fresh cup after fresh cup for our friends as we watched the sunrise.

Brew effortlessly with a steep pack

Ever wish you could have your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere? Like instant coffee, but better? David Baker knows the feeling! That’s why he introduced us to the Play Nice Steep Packs. They work just like a teabag. Add hot water over the campfire and allow your coffee to brew for several minutes. These steep packs are David’s top recommendation for backcountry coffee. They hit all the right notes, from full flavor to extreme practicality.

We love that the steep packs guarantee a consistently great cup of coffee when all you have is water and a camp mug. Plus, they’re compostable and easy on the environment, so you can feel good about packing a few extra!

Enjoy your coffee ritual

After chatting with David, we were reminded how much we love a coffee nerd who’s not a coffee snob. Coffee is as versatile as it is deeply personal. Methodical gets that and loves being a part of your coffee journey.

Whether you like your coffee mug filled to the brim with cream and syrup, you’re looking for something complex and avant-garde, or you’ve come full circle and just want a balanced cup of drip coffee, David encourages you to enjoy the coffee-making process. Much like a sunrise hike to a quiet mountaintop, your morning coffee routine is a personal, quiet moment just for you.

So grab your brew gear and favorite beans for your best campsite coffee yet! And if you are in Greenville, SC, stop by our store for a fresh cup of Methodical from our full coffee bar. We can’t wait to meet you and hear about your backcountry adventures.

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