Landmark Presents: Charleston Oyster Reef Build

Charleston Oyster Reef Build

Getting our hands dirty with SCORE!

Have you ever heard of an oyster reef? It's not a fancy seafood restaurant, but a vital part of a healthy coast. Here at The Landmark Project, we're all about leaving a positive impact on the natural world, and we were able to do just that by assisting in the construction of one of these reefs in our home state.

We teamed up with SCORE, the South Carolina Oyster Recycling and Enhancement program, to hit the shores near Charleston and create a new oyster haven. SCORE's mission is all about giving oyster shells a second life, and the benefits are shucking amazing!

Oyster reefs are long barriers of recycled oysters, collected at drop off locations from restaurants and roasts all over the state. Once placed into a reef, these bags become the perfect retreat for baby oysters to grow and thrive. But that’s not all! These reefs also act as natural water filters, cleaning up to 2.5 gallons per oyster per hour. Plus, they shield the shoreline from rough waves and storm surges, keeping the beautiful coastlines healthy!

During our mission on Drum Island, alongside the awesome folks from SCORE and Wounded Nature, we transformed 650 bags of recycled oyster shells into 130 feet of brand new reef! That's a whole lot of oysters with a bright future!

We're pumped to see this little oyster oasis flourish and become an impactful part of the coastal community. Stay tuned, because we'll definitely be back to lend a hand in the future!

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