Daytrip in Rocky Mountain National Park

A few weeks back our team was in Denver, CO for Outdoor Retailer, a trade show for outdoor brands and retailers to talk shop, see what's new for the coming season, and have good conversation with like-minded peers in the industry. The day before the trade show, our team went out for a day trip in Indian Peaks Wilderness, just west of Boulder, CO. Keep in mind it was the middle of June, and we were still slogging through several feet of snow drifts along with a few other brave hikers that day. Unexpected terrain for the middle off summer, but enjoyable none the less.


This wilderness area is a part of Roosevelt National Forest and is managed jointly by the USFS and the NPS. Throughout this area of the Rocky Mountains you can walk alongside alpine lakes, summit 13'ers, and back country camp in several areas.


Snow in the middle of June is great, and snow days with friends are always one for the books.

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  • I want that great sand dunes shirt! Is that coming out soon?

  • Thanks for sharing your landmark adventure. Refreshing day trip!

    PA Clark

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