Christ Turnham Artist Feature

Landmark Presents exists to amplify artists whose work encourages inclusivity and stewardship of our public lands. This month we're proud to present Chris Turnham, a career illustrator and animator whose work does just that.

Chris Turnham

L.A. based illustrator of National Parks of the USA

Last year we featured his book in our holiday gift guide, so it's a real treat to represent his work this year in a different way. Turnham is also a screen printer, a trade that is near and dear to us since we at The Landmark Project are also screen printers!

Our brand was born out of a screen printing shop, and we continue to print our designs in-house. We'd love to hear what you love about the screen printing process!

My process starts digitally and because of that there are endless possibilities for where an illustration can go in terms of style. What I love about silkscreen printing is that it forces limitations that actually make me more creative — when I have a limited color palette and a limited technique in which I can render an image I'm forced to stylize it in a way that I might not otherwise. Plus, the act of screen printing allows me to get my hands dirty after a long day of working at a computer.

We believe art compels stewardship. How do you hope National Parks of the USA inspires young readers?

I've read reports that the diversity of the visitors who go to the National Parks doesn't reflect the wide diversity of the citizens of this country. We made a conscious effort to create an inclusive cast of characters in the book with the idea that anyone who picks it up can see themselves visiting the parks and understanding that they're safe spaces for all to enjoy.

What’s your all time favorite outdoor space and why?

I love all the landscapes of southern California — from the tropical gardens that people plant around their homes to the desert landscapes that spread out from just beyond the city. Both have greatly inspired me artistically.

Are you involved in any form of advocacy or giveback?

Over the last few years there's a been a lot of rapid change — from wildfires that have grown more intense to social movements that have completely opened our eyes to the injustices communities in this country face. When causes arise I've donated proceeds of my print sales to different funds and charities. It's one of the many ways artists can give back.

Support the Parks by purchasing this Joshua Tree print by Chris Turnham. All proceeds benefit the National Parks Conservation Association. 

Support the artist by buying his book!

Both make great gifts!

Special thanks to Chris for using his gifts and his platform to celebrate and support public lands!

Give him a follow on Instagram. 

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  • Beth Colla

    Beautiful work! One of my favorite artists- thanks for featuring him!

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