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Landmark Flagship Reno

Eight years ago we moved a tiny home-grown print shop into the building that just recently became our Flagship location. As brand loyalists know, we were a t-shirt print shop long before we were an outdoor lifestyle brand, and this space is our company’s first home.We arrived here because t-shirt printing in our home and client meetings at Starbucks were no longer sustainable. But this storefront proved to be so much more than just 4 walls in which to conduct a business

Our first flagship store is where The Landmark Project was born. This building brought us into both the outdoor and entrepreneurial community. This building brought in friends who would start the team that grew The Landmark Project from a 3 piece collection to thousands of items shared with outdoor fans across the country. 
So it's only fitting that when we outgrew a building again that we kept this one in the family, this time transforming it with some of our favorite local entrepreneurs. The same people who helped give us the courage to launch The Landmark Project have come alongside us to create a retail concept that is new for Greenville. We’re talking of course about Methodical Coffee

The outdoors, coffee, friends and community -- these are the things that have kept our business alive thus far, and we can't think of a better idea than to combine them all under one roof. 

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