Campfire Nachos

We have to give credit where credit is due -  the folks at are serving up amazing recipes that inspire us to up our campfire cooking game.  This recipe was particularly good so we just had to share it here!

If you’re going to eat nachos for dinner (an act which we fully endorse), then you’ve got to build the meal properly from the ground up.

Think of the chips as the bricks and the cheese and toppings as the mortar. One layer of chips followed by one layer of cheese and toppings. Then, repeat. Keep stacking the layers like that until the pot is filled or you run out of supplies. And of course, every good house needs a roof, so make sure you give a double helping to the top layer.

Place over heat, pour yourself a drink, and when you get back you’ll have a Happy Hour appetizer that’s worthy of being called dinner.

Why it Works for Camping

‣ Nachos are a fun, easy, and communal meal that takes very little time to prepare.

‣ Perfect as a quick appetizer for larger groups or a full entree for two.

‣ There are very very few ways this can get screwed up. You’re essentially just melting cheese, so the barrier to entry for this meal is pretty low, even for camp cooking novices.

‣ Endless customization. What toppings make the perfect batch of nachos, only you can decide!

Mastering the Technique

‣ Layers, layers, layers. The key to exceptional nachos comes down to whether you take the time to build multiple layers of cheese and toppings. If you build your nachos correctly, each chip is a celebration of crunch, cheese, and delicious topping.

Equipment Notes

‣ While a cast iron Dutch oven is the preferred vessel for making nachos, it would also be possible to make a smaller portion in a cast iron skillet with a lid. The key is having some sort of lid to trap the steam inside to help melt the cheese and slightly soften the chips.

‣ Don’t have a lid for your Dutch oven or cast iron skillet? A sheet of aluminum foil over the top should do the trick, or you could cover it with a large plate.

Ingredient Notes

‣ Cheese selection can be highly subjective, but we prefer a mix of Sharp Cheddar, Colby, and Monterey Jack blend. You can do this yourself or pick up a bag of Shredded Mexican Cheese.

‣ If you’re using fresh ingredients like chiles, onions or uncooked meats, you’ll want to saute them first and make sure they’re cooked thoroughly before building your nachos.

‣ The fresher the ingredients the better your nachos will taste, but this meal can also rely heavily on canned pantry items like fire roasted tomatoes, black beans, roasted green chiles, or black olives

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