The Positive Impact

Great art, like the great outdoors, has a significant influence over people, and we seek to bring the two together. When you wear our products we want you to be inspired to take your next step in protecting the lands you love.

Since 2017, The Landmark Project has partnered with the US Forest Service by creating tribute artwork for Smokey Bear. All of our Smokey Bear designs are licensed by the US Forest Service, and 10% of Smokey Bear sales are given to the USFS for Wildfire Prevention Education. So far, the Landmark team has raised nearly $500,000 to help the cause of Smokey Bear. For more than 75 years, Smokey Bear has served as the cherished icon of wildfire prevention. 

An Impact Close to Home

We felt the call to create a new edition of Smokey art when wildfires ravaged our own precious lands in Southern Appalachia. We always assumed human-caused wildfires were an “out West” problem, but that illusion was shattered when our favorite places in the Smokies and Blue Ridge Mountains were set ablaze. We found that Smokey’s call to prevent wildfires rings true as ever, and it inspired us to continue his legacy by doing what we do best—making compelling artwork. Our collection of Smokey Bear designs is a combination of original illustrations and revived historic graphics presented in a new way.

An Artistic Legacy

We love the opportunity to join the generations of artists who have contributed to the Smokey Bear campaign, which is the longest-running public service campaign in the US. We were inspired to create an entire collection for Smokey’s 75th birthday, and that collection continues to be amongst our best selling products!

Check out some of the other organizations we have partnered with:

AllTrails and The Landmark Project teamed up for a special collaboration. 20% of every Leave No Trace Tee purchase directly benefits Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Through collective local changes, we see a global impact. 

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The purchase of these limited edition products benefits the Chesapeake Conservancy’s coalition campaign to bring the Chesapeake Bay, our nation’s largest estuary, into America’s national park system. 10% of every CNRA product sale will be donated to the Chesapeake Conservancy.

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