Strategic Partnerships

Since 2017, The Landmark Project has partnered with the US Forest Service by creating tribute artwork for Smokey Bear. For more than 75 years, Smokey Bear has served as the cherished icon of wildfire prevention. His message is close to our heart and more relevant than ever as environmental changes and human activity in wild spaces increases the likelihood for man-made wildfires in our precious public land.

Additionally, we love the opportunity to join the generations of artists who have contributed to the Smokey Bear campaign, which is the longest-running public service campaign in the US. We were inspired to create an entire collection for Smokey’s 75th birthday, and that collection continues to be amongst our best selling products!

Smokey Bear Illustration

All of our Smokey Bear designs are licensed by the US Forest Service, and 10% of Smokey Bear sales are given to the USFS for Wildfire Prevention Education. So far, the Landmark team has raised over $300,000 to help the cause of Smokey Bear.

We are honored to continue the legacy of using compelling artwork as a vehicle for conservation. Great art, like the great outdoors, has a significant influence over people, and we seek to bring the two together. When you wear our products we want you to be inspired to take your next step in protecting the lands you love.

Corey Godbey

Artist Spotlight: Cory Godbey

While much of our Smokey Bear artwork has been created by our in-house design team, we have to attribute the initial success of our collection to our good friend and fellow artist, Cory Godbey. Inspired by his unique style and mutual love for the outdoors, the Landmark team partnered with Cory to be the first collaborative artist for the Smokey Bear Collection.

His signature artistic style, a mix of traditional and digital media, is both enchanting and captivating. He spent the better part of a year studying, sketching, and painting until he felt he did everything in his power to create his best work to commemorate the iconic bear. His dramatic, full-color illustrations continued the 75-year tradition of using art to tug at the heart strings of the outdoor enthusiast. Cory feels it is an honor to contribute to the legacy of Smokey Bear, and we couldn't agree more. He hopes his designs can inspire generations to follow Smokey’s message well beyond the 75th anniversary.

Corey Godbey at work