Good Art Has Staying Power

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Good Art Has Staying Power

The Landmark brand began as the side hustle at our tee shirt print shop because our small team liked making good designs and spending time hiking, biking, and paddling our local parks. In pure entrepreneurial form, we thought perhaps there could be a way to bring the two together, and a line of state park tees was born. We had no idea that our work would spark fast connections with the people who saw them. We made instant friends, swapped trail stories, and found ourselves in the middle of a kind and conscientious community, dedicated to the healthy practice of taking time outside.

We are committed to act on our values

Since the earliest days of the brand, our industry has evolved a lot, and so have we. We’re no longer just a team of four, slinging tees at festivals and leaving work early to get a good campsite (although we still occasionally do both of those things). Today we’re dedicated to sustaining a healthy company culture, forging supply chains that live up to good ethical and environmental practices, and learning as much as we can about the challenges we face in being responsible and inclusive outdoor enthusiasts.

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We believe art has the power to inspire

But this one thing has always remained the same — people respond to the art we make. There is something powerful about a simple graphic that can bring people together. It’s actually hard to describe, the delight on someone’s face when they hold up a tee shirt and proceed to tell you their favorite story about a place we’ve illustrated. Yet that feeling of connection, of community, is so invigorating it compels us to keep making.

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The only things in my life that compatibly exists with this grand universe are the creative works of the human spirit. Ansel Adams