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Protecting Nature Together

Our commitment to leaving a positive impact on the natural world has been ingrained in our mission since day one, and we take immense pride in our dedication to our environmental partners. The Landmark Project provides both financial and in-kind donations to conservation non-profits as well as volunteer hours for river clean ups, trail maintenance, and awareness campaigns. With every purchase, you support our conservancy partners who are actively engaged in safeguarding the environment for future generations. The statistics below are a testament to our journey thus far and a glimpse of where we plan to grow.

Meet our Key Partners

Where you shop matters! Any time you purchase a product from one of the following Landmark collections, we donate 10% of the sale to the collaborating partner. We collectively thank you for your support!

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation is a leading organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. With a focus on education and advocacy, they work tirelessly to protect and restore the diverse ecosystems that support our planet's biodiversity.

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National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation is committed to the health and vitality of America's national forests and grasslands. By engaging communities and fostering partnerships, they undertake critical projects that enhance these public lands, ensuring their sustainability for future generations.

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Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is a nonprofit promoting responsible outdoor ethics. Through education and outreach, they empower individuals to enjoy the outdoors responsibly, minimizing their impact and preserving the natural beauty of our shared spaces.

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Smokey Bear (USFS)

The U.S. Forest Service plays a pivotal role in promoting forest health and preventing human-caused wildfires. With Smokey as their mascot, they work tirelessly to raise awareness about fire safety, instilling a sense of responsibility in all of us to protect and preserve the majestic landscapes under their care.

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Smaller Partners with a Mighty Mission

We actively seek out partnerships with local nonprofits whose work is critical to the natural health and enjoyment of their communities. These collaborations provide unique opportunities for us to join forces on special projects and initiatives, collectively advancing our shared commitment to protecting nature together.

Your choice to shop with us isn't just a transaction. It's a shared commitment to protecting our natural world. We're sincerely grateful for the trust you place in The Landmark Project. Together let's continue making a positive impact for the love of our planet and future generations.