Measuring Our Impact

The Landmark Project combines great art and great stories with the hope of inspiring outdoor stewardship, and we believe stewardship extends beyond advocating for public lands or participating in outdoor projects. Stewardship begins with making conscientious decisions about where our materials come from and taking responsibility for who we partner with. We want to be transparent about our supply chain so that our fans and supporters can be confident that their purchases have a positive impact on this world.

We’ve committed to investing in quality suppliers that use safe and reliable processes. You can learn more about them below.


Tees — Guatemala

While Landmark tees are designed and printed in our Greenville, SC print shop, the t-shirts themselves are custom-made in Guatemala. Our factory must follow a code-of-conduct to ensure good care for their employees, which we’ve modeled after leaders in the industry. For example, our employees are paid above living wage for their country and are provided child care, meals, as well as transportation to-and-from work. Strict policies are in place to prohibit forced labor, child labor, harassment, or discrimination. Additionally, the facility must comply with certain health, safety, and environmental standards. 

Guatemala Tee Shirt Printing

Posters — USA, Chicago

The Landmark posters, arguably the boldest representation of our designs, have some of the best sustainability standards in our entire line. Green Seal Certified, the paper itself is made of high-quality, post-consumer fiber and is manufactured with 100% renewable energy. The posters are produced using chlorine-free raw materials and are FSC certified, meaning the supplier meets responsible forestry standards. Paper goods are notorious for putting strain on the environment, so we are proud to offer the very best, responsibly-sourced alternative.

Great Lakes Area Posters


Patches and Pins (USA, China, Mexico)

Our beloved collection of Landmark patches and pins come from a long-time family operated business, which is based here in the states and has a network across the globe. We intentionally chose a supplier with factories that are CPSIA compliant. That means harmful phthalates, lead, and other dangerous materials are not in the supply chain’s language, making these badges of honor safe for people and the environment. Our supplier for these collectables is also WRAP certified, meaning the employees in their factories are treated fairly and respectfully. In addition, each production facility from this supplier is ISO certified, guaranteeing quality product, customer service and management processes that are continually improving.

Accessories made in Mexico and China

Shipping Supplies (China)

Let’s not forget about the final step in the supply chain: getting Landmark to your doorstep. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a sustainable product wrapped in unsustainable materials which have been soaked in harsh chemicals. Instead our mailers are made with 100% post-consumer fiber and processed chlorine free. We never miss an opportunity to bring you good artwork, so we designed our packaging to beautifully feature our primary mission statement: Designing Art for America’s Wild Places.

Shipping Supplies

We're proud of the progress we have made in producing goods that are ethically sourced, but we're not stopping there. Our next goal is to make apparel that is 100% sustainable. Although we’re early in the process, we’re excited to share our journey with you. We hope you’ll follow along and celebrate with us once we hit this major milestone.