We at The Landmark Project seek to inspire outdoor stewardship through compelling artwork. This is who we are and why we exist. A major piece of this is being conscious about where our materials come from and taking responsibility for who we partner with. We want to be transparent with you about our supply chain so that you can be confident about who you are buying from and the products you love and commit to. By standing with and investing in quality suppliers that use safe and reliable processes, we know that we are getting ethically produced goods to our customers. You reap what you sew.


While Landmark tees are designed and printed in our Greenville, SC print shop, the t-shirts themselves are custom-made in Guatemala. Our factory there must follow a code-of-conduct to ensure that employees are well cared for. For example, our employees are paid above living wage and are provided child care, meals, as well as transportation to-and-from work. Strict policies are in place to prohibit forced labor, child labor, harassment, or discrimination. Additionally, the facility must comply with certain health, safety, and environmental standards. During the coronavirus pandemic, employees were given face masks and social distance compliant workspaces.



Just when you thought Landmark products couldn't get any better, you learn that even the posters are sustainably made. Landmark posters are made with high-quality post-consumer fiber papers, using sustainable processes and materials. They are manufactured with 100% renewable energy and are Green Seal Certified. The posters are produced using chlorine-free raw materials and are FSC certified, meaning the supplier meets responsible forestry standards. Paper goods are notorious for putting strain on the environment, so we are proud to offer the very best, responsibly-sourced alternative.


You may have fallen in love with Landmark's stickers, but you'll fall deeper in love when you learn that they're more than just stylish, durable, and weatherproof. Landmark stickers are printed using UV LED curing technology, a healthier alternative to solvent paints, as they do not release toxic pollutants into the air.  They are produced in the USA using green technology in a green facility, complete with an entire team devoted to lessening the factory's environmental impact at all levels of production. This A+ supplier also leads community environmental projects and teaches other businesses about how they can implement sustainable practices. Who knew a little sticker could have such a positive environmental impact?


Our beloved collection of Landmark patches and pins come from a long-time family operated business right here in the home of the brave. Expert craftsmen from this line have passed down the embroidery trade from generation to generation to create the durable, long lasting products that we adventurers love to collect. We intentionally chose a supplier with factories that were CPSIA compliant, which means harmful phthalates, lead, and other dangerous materials are not in the supply chain’s language. So you can rest (and shop) easy knowing that these small but mighty souvenirs are safe for people and the environment. Our supplier for these collectables is also WRAP certified, meaning the employees in their factories are treated fairly and with respect. In addition, each production facility from this supplier is ISO certified, guaranteeing quality product, customer service and management processes that are continually improving.



Let’s not forget about the final step in the supply chain: getting Landmark to your doorstep and in your hands. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a sustainable product wrapped in unsustainable materials that have been soaked in harsh chemicals, right? As an alternative to this contradictory method, our packaging is made with 100% post-consumer fiber and processed chlorine free. This means that we use paper goods that were once landfill-bound and during the recycling process, no chlorine is used which significantly reduces the amount of harmful waste produced. In addition to being sustainable, our packaging is easy on the eyes. We never want to miss an opportunity to bring you good artwork, so we designed our packaging to feature our primary mission statement: Designing Art for America’s Wild Places. How’s that for traveling in style?


We're proud of the progress we have made in producing goods that are ethically sourced, but we're not stopping there. One of our biggest goals currently is to transition to apparel that is 100% sustainable. Being in the early stages of development, we still have a ways to go before hitting this major milestone. But now you've caught a glimpse of The Landmark Project's bright future, and we're excited to have you along for the journey!